commission status: open

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details on my commission pricing can be found below. just message me with your budget if you're not certain how to price something and we can come to some arrangement

quick sketch headshot (icon) half body full body
£12 £35 £55 £65


extra character heavy detail detailed bg
+30% of total +10% of total +£30

once payment has been received in full, there will be a turnover time of 7-10 working days

if you want a rush order, it will be +50% of the total price, and be complete in 4 working days

all funds from my commissions or ko-fi page
go directly toward my therapy


all of the above prices are for personal usage only

please see my terms page for more details on what constitutes personal or commercial usage.

if you would like use the work commercially, you pay an additional fee of +40% of the total price.

examples of commerical work include:

  • using artwork for content on social media (vtubing, streaming)
  • using artwork for assets in streams or on videos
  • using artwork for merchandise

the above list is not exhaustive. essentially, if you are making a profit from the work i have produced for you, it's commercial! if you're unsure about this, let's talk about it!